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Coral Isle Game Cheats

Coral Isle Game Cheats: How to Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

Coral Isle is a farming simulation game that lets you explore and restore a tropical island. You can grow crops, raise animals, dive into the ocean, catch bugs, fish, and more. You can also interact with the islanders, who have their own personalities and stories. Coral Isle is a relaxing and charming game that can appeal to fans of Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, or Animal Crossing.


However, if you want to spice up your gameplay or make things easier for yourself, you might be interested in using some cheats. Cheats can help you modify various aspects of the game, such as your health, stamina, money, items, time, and more. Cheats can also unlock some hidden features or Easter eggs that you might not discover otherwise. In this article, we will show you how to use some of the most popular and useful cheats for Coral Isle.

How to Use Cheats in Coral Isle

There are two main ways to use cheats in Coral Isle: using a trainer or using console commands. A trainer is a software program that runs in the background and modifies the game's memory. A console command is a text input that you enter in the game's console window. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the one that suits your preference and needs.

Using a Trainer

A trainer is a convenient and easy way to use cheats in Coral Isle. You just need to download a trainer from a reputable source, such as [PLITCH] or [WeMod], and run it before or after launching the game. Then, you can activate or deactivate the cheats by pressing the corresponding hotkeys on your keyboard. Some of the cheats that you can use with a trainer are:

  • Unlimited HP: You will not lose health from any source.

  • Unlimited Stamina: You will not lose stamina from any action.

  • Item Never Decrease: Your items will not decrease when you use them.

  • Clone Item On Remove: You will get a copy of any item that you remove from your inventory.

  • Unlimited Watering: You will not need to refill your watering can.

  • Unlimited Money: You will have infinite money to buy anything you want.

  • Unlimited Mastery Point: You will have infinite mastery points to unlock new skills.

  • Edit Money: You can set your money to any amount you want.

  • Multiply Relationship Point Get: You will get more relationship points when you interact with the islanders.

  • Multiply Mastery EXP Gain: You will get more mastery experience when you perform actions related to your skills.

  • Level Up Animal Heart Daily: Your animals' hearts will increase every day.

  • Instant Catch Fish: You will catch fish instantly when you cast your rod.

  • Fishing Line Never Break: Your fishing line will never break when you reel in a fish.

  • Instant Kill: You will kill any enemy with one hit.

  • Freeze Bug Alertness: Bugs will not run away from you when you approach them.

  • Ignore Lab Upgrade Materials: You will not need any materials to upgrade your lab.

  • Ignore Tool Crafting Materials: You will not need any materials to craft tools.

  • Ignore Item Crafting Materials: You will not need any materials to craft items.

  • Remove Gift Limit: You can give unlimited gifts to the islanders every day.

  • Instant Cut Tree: You can cut down any tree with one hit.

  • ZA WARUDO! [Time Stop]: You can stop time and move freely while everything else is frozen.

  • Add 1 Hour: You can add one hour to the current time.

  • Sub 1 Hour: You can subtract one hour from the current time.

  • Edit Day: You can set the current day to any number you want.

  • Edit Month: You can set the current month to any number you want.

  • Edit Year: You can set the current year to any number you want.

  • Edit Season: You can set the current season to any value you want.

  • Game Speed: You can adjust the speed of the game.

  • Multiply Move Speed: You can adjust the speed of your movement.

Using a trainer is a simple and effective way to use cheats in Coral Isle, but it also has some drawbacks. For one, you need to download and install a third-party program, which might not be compatible with your system or antivirus software. Secondly, you need to update the trainer whenever the game updates, or else it might not work properly or cause crashes. Thirdly, using a trainer might affect the game's performance or stability, especially if you use too many cheats at once.

Using Console Commands

Another way to use cheats in Coral Isle is to use console commands. Console commands are text inputs that you enter in the game's console window, which you can access by pressing the tilde () key on your keyboard. Console commands can modify various aspects of the game, such as your stats, items, time, weather, and more. Some of the console commands that you can use in Coral Isle are:

  • help: Shows a list of all available console commands.

  • god: Toggles god mode, which makes you invincible and gives you unlimited stamina.

  • heal: Heals you to full health.

  • money [amount]: Gives you the specified amount of money.

  • item [name] [amount]: Gives you the specified amount of the specified item.

  • skill [name] [level]: Sets your skill level to the specified value.

  • relationship [name] [points]: Sets your relationship points with the specified islander to the specified value.

  • time [hour] [minute]: Sets the current time to the specified values.

  • day [number]: Sets the current day to the specified number.

  • month [number]: Sets the current month to the specified number.

  • year [number]: Sets the current year to the specified number.

  • season [value]: Sets the current season to the specified value. The values are 0 for spring, 1 for summer, 2 for autumn, and 3 for winter.

  • weather [value]: Sets the current weather to the specified value. The values are 0 for sunny, 1 for cloudy, 2 for rainy, and 3 for stormy.

  • speed [value]: Sets your movement speed to the specified value.

  • noclip: Toggles noclip mode, which allows you to fly and pass through walls.

  • teleport [x] [y] [z]: Teleports you to the specified coordinates.

Using console commands is a more flexible and customizable way to use cheats in Coral Isle, but it also has some limitations. For one, you need to memorize or look up the syntax and parameters of each command, which might be tedious or confusing. Secondly, you need to type each command manually in the console window, which might interrupt your gameplay flow or immersion. Thirdly, using console commands might cause glitches or errors in the game, especially if you enter invalid or conflicting values.


Coral Isle is a fun and relaxing game that lets you enjoy life on a tropical island. However, if you want to enhance your gameplay experience or try something new, you can use some cheats to modify various aspects of the game. You can use either a trainer or console commands to activate cheats in Coral Isle, depending on your preference and needs. However, you should also be aware of the potential risks and consequences of using cheats, such as compatibility issues, performance problems, or game bugs. Use cheats at your own discretion and responsibility, and have fun!


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