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Gorislav Kopylov

Deuter - Discography (1971-2009)

the album flows from start to finish in and out of bright sitar-led pieces, beautifully recorded ocean sounds, and spacious guitar figures, underpinned by the aforementionned synth providing electronic drones and decoration here and there. for 1972 this is incredibly ahead of it's time, it has a joyful spiritual centre a long way from the cliched wallpaper new age' music would eventually become. if you're looking for a rich, textually beautiful late night album this might well be the one. there is a lightness and flow which add up toa sumptuous whole and never is it less than stimulating and captivating. the spirit of peace that deuter found in india (to the extent that he found his own guru, and was able to use his dwelling as a studio) shines through on this sparkling album, which like the cover sounds blue, oceanic and genuinely blissful. social review comments review permalink posted saturday, october 23, 2010 review this album report (review #306262)

Deuter - Discography (1971-2009)


new earth records offers an essential collection of music by deuter, the german musician who has pioneered new age music for over 40 years, connecting east and west in ways that few other artists ever have. born in postwar germany, deuter taught himself the guitar and just about every instrument he could get his hands on, though it wasnt until after a near-fatal car crash in his early twenties that he decided to pursue a career in music.

in 1979 deuter was introduced to the work of the austrian mystic, johann wolfgang von goethe, and his book faust. with this book in hand, he spent the next 10 years in india and nepal studying his work, making friends with masters of sound and music and learning to transcribe the sanskrit chants which he adopted as his mantra. the sound of the shakuhachi, the indian bamboo flute, and sanskrit chants, were the main musical references that he took into his electronic and experimental music experiments in the 1980s.


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