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Wholesome Luxury

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The Paramétriq Experience

Unlike the average luxury brand, we aren't out to just sell you features, designs or a name. We strive to create a peculiar experience for our community of collectors and enthusiasts around our belief that the cultivation of luxury and good fortune can and must be humane and responsible to reflect true nobility and grace. Our community of heroes are helping to subvert the demand for ivory and other wildlife spoils through this redefinition of status symbol. Still the tradition of attributing status and luck to enchanted skins, teeth, feathers and horns is one that seems to have been immortalized. We want to help you to keep the tradition alive through our watch boxes that transformed into a lucky planter. Unboxing a watch has never been so weird and fun.

A percentage of sales are donated to the following organizations who are on the front lines of this War on Wildlife






You don't have to stop with us. Make a difference and hit the donate button below.

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