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ivory without violence

"Wholesome Luxury"
Fashion Accessories

Paramétriq is a luxury watch and accessories brand working to create a unique experience for the conscientious luxury watch and accessory collectors who know that tradition and good taste matter but have a commitment to humane, responsible, and thoughtful consumption so that species like the African Elephant can thrive in the wild.

Our timepieces and accessories create an interactive community around luxury and conservation that reflect your taste & values through good craftsmanship & timeless designs and sustainable & humane materials.


Saving the Elephant Population

The ivory trade has had a devastating effect on elephant populations and has put countless human lives in danger. Some 30,000 elephants are slaughtered a year from poachers for their ivory where it is fashioned into various objects, from piano keys and billiard balls to art and jewelry. If consumers have an appetite for ivory, this beautifully important creature will soon become extinct. A world without elephants could disrupt the biodiversity of many native habitats as elephants are top contributors to our ecosystems.

At Paramétriq we offer our customers with “Wholesome Luxury” fashion accessories - ethically sourced sustainable materials, high quality craftsmanship, and timeless designs...saving our wildlife.

Paramétriq Watches


We are changing the story of luxury.

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