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Interactions 1 Listening and Speaking: A Guide to Developing Academic English Skills

When the lights came back up, the action backtracked to the initial waking of the irate Brabantio and the late-night hearing before the Duke. The Duke was clearly in favor of Othello as he narrated his story, eloquently made visual through the interactions of a male and a female behind the scrim, their silhouetted figures providing a tableau to accompany his narrative. The real Othello choked over the retelling as the actual Desdemona, beautifully played by the lovely Park Krausen, stood listening, her back to the audience, speaking her own "'twas strange, 'twas passing strange" lines within Othello's recitation but not truly participating until she was called for by the Duke. The Duke's dismissal of the case was quick and business-like, and she seemed to have no patience for the [End Page 89] more sentimental side of Othello's tale or even the apparent emotion it evoked in the couple.

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