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Bing Crosby Sings Christmas Songs

Although this movie musical has been a beloved favorite for decades, especially at Christmastime, there was no official soundtrack album released in any format. Decca controlled the soundtrack rights, but Rosemary Clooney was under exclusive contract to Columbia, who would not allow her to appear on a competing label. As a result, Decca and Columbia each released their own album of songs from White Christmas (1954). Decca's album featured Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and Trudy Stevens, with Peggy Lee interpreting Clooney's part via overdubbing, a new technology in 1954. Columbia's album had Rosemary Clooney singing eight songs from the film, teaming with her real-life sibling, Betty Clooney, on "Sisters." Both albums have been issued on CD in recent years.

bing crosby sings christmas songs


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