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Download Of Rd Burman Songs

Download of RD Burman Songs

Rahul Dev Burman, also known as Pancham Da, was one of the most influential and versatile music composers of the Indian film industry. He composed music for over 300 movies from the 1960s to the 1990s, and collaborated with many legendary singers, lyricists, and actors. His songs are still popular and loved by millions of fans across the world.

If you are a fan of RD Burman and want to download his songs, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to download some of the best songs of RD Burman from various sources. We will also give you some information about his life and career, and some of his most famous songs.

Download Of Rd Burman Songs

How to Download RD Burman Songs

There are many websites and apps that offer free or paid downloads of RD Burman songs. Some of them are:

  • : This is the official website of Saregama India Limited, which owns the rights to most of the songs composed by RD Burman. You can browse through their catalog and download songs in MP3 or HD quality. You can also buy CDs or DVDs of his albums.

  • : This is one of the most popular music streaming apps in India. You can listen to RD Burman songs online or download them for offline listening. You can also create your own playlists and share them with your friends.

  • : This is the largest video-sharing platform in the world. You can watch videos of RD Burman songs, as well as interviews, documentaries, and tributes. You can also download videos using third-party tools or apps.

These are just some of the options available for downloading RD Burman songs. You can also search for other websites or apps that offer similar services. However, before downloading any song, make sure that you are not violating any copyright laws or terms of service.

About RD Burman

Rahul Dev Burman was born on June 27, 1939, in Kolkata. He was the only son of Sachin Dev Burman, another renowned music composer. He started his musical journey at a young age, learning various instruments and assisting his father in composing music. He made his debut as an independent music director in 1961 with the film Chhote Nawab.

RD Burman soon established himself as a versatile and innovative composer, who experimented with different genres, styles, and techniques. He blended Indian classical music with western pop, rock, jazz, disco, and electronic music. He also used unconventional instruments and sounds, such as bottles, spoons, pans, whistles, and animal noises.

RD Burman worked with some of the finest singers of his time, such as Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi, Manna Dey, and others. He also worked with some of the best lyricists, such as Anand Bakshi, Gulzar, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Javed Akhtar, and others. He composed music for some of the biggest stars of Bollywood, such as Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra, Dev Anand, Shashi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, and others.

RD Burman composed music for over 300 films in Hindi and other languages. Some of his most memorable films are Teesri Manzil (1966), Padosan (1968), Aradhana (1969), Kati Patang (1970), Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971), Amar Prem (1972), Yaadon Ki Baaraat (1973), Sholay (1975), Hum Kisise Kum Naheen (1977), Gol Maal (1979), Masoom (1983), Saagar (1985), Ijaazat (1987), Parinda (1989), and 1942: A Love Story (1994).

RD Burman won three Filmfare Awards for Best Music Director for Sanam Teri Kasam (1983), Masoom (1984), and 1942: A Love Story (1995). He was also awarded the Padma Shri, India's fourth-highest civilian honor, in 1996. He died on January 4, 1994, at the age of 54, due to a heart attack.

Some of the Best Songs of RD Burman

It is impossible to list all the great songs composed by RD Burman, as he has given us countless gems that are still cherished by music lovers. However, here are some of his most popular and evergreen songs that you can download and enjoy:




O Mere Dil Ke Chain

Mere Jeevan Saathi (1972)

Kishore Kumar

Rimjhim Gire Sawan

Manzil (1979)

Kishore Kumar / Lata Mangeshkar

Karvaten Badalte Rahe

Aap Ki Kasam (1974)

Kishore Kumar / Lata Mangeshkar

Hamen Tumse Pyar Kitna

Kudrat (1981)

Kishore Kumar / Parveen Sultana

Raina Beeti Jaye

Amar Prem (1972)

Lata Mangeshkar

Zindagi Ke Safar Mein

Aap Ki Kasam (1974)

Kishore Kumar

Tum Aa Gaye Ho Noor Aa Gaya

Aandhi (1975)

Kishore Kumar / Lata Mangeshkar

Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si

Anamika (1973)

Kishore Kumar

Mere Naina Sawan Bhadon Mehbooba (1976) Kishore Kumar / Lata Mangeshkar Diye Jalte Hai Phool Khilte Hai Namak Haraam (1973) Kishore Kumar You can find these songs and many more on the websites and apps mentioned above. You can also watch the videos of these songs on YouTube or other platforms. Conclusion

RD Burman was a musical genius who gave us some of the most memorable and melodious songs in the history of Indian cinema. His songs are timeless and appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. If you want to download his songs and listen to them anytime and anywhere, you can use the sources we have suggested in this article. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about RD Burman and his songs. : : :


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