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ant man

Scott Edward Harris Lang is a former convicted thief who was struggling to pay child support to his estranged wife for visitation rights to his daughter, Cassie Lang. With the promise of money, he was convinced by Hank Pym to take on the mantle of Ant-Man, a superhero with an advanced suit designed to shrink its wearer to a tiny size while increasing one's toughness, agility, and physical strength. Trained under Pym and his daughter Hope van Dyne, Ant-Man was to help foil Pym's former protege Darren Cross, who was intending to sell his Yellowjacket Suit design and his copy of the Pym Particles formula to HYDRA and the Ten Rings. However, their plan was discovered by Cross, culminating in a final fight between Yellowjacket and Ant-Man. To defeat him, Ant-Man shrunk small enough to enter Yellowjacket's suit and destroy it, sending Ant-Man to the Quantum Realm, but he was able to escape. Ant-Man's heroism helped restore his relationship with Cassie and his ex-wife, as well as find a new romantic one with van Dyne. Lang soon learned that the Avengers were seeking for his help.

Against Pym and van Dyne's wishes, Ant-Man joined Captain America's side during the Avengers Civil War, having been recommended by the Falcon following their previous encounter. Ant-Man fought against Iron Man and his allies, allowing Captain America and Winter Soldier to escape. Ant-Man and several of his new allies were then arrested and imprisoned in the Raft by Thaddeus Ross. When Captain America arrived to free them, Ant-Man escaped, but later made a deal with the FBI to be put under house arrest so that he could still spend time with his family.

Three days before Lang could finish his sentence, he had a strange vision of Janet van Dyne, who had remained trapped inside the Quantum Realm, and with whom Lang became psychically entangled with while he was there. This resulted in Lang being kidnapped by Pym and Hope van Dyne, who had built a Quantum Tunnel machine and intended to use it and Ant-Man to rescue Janet. These plans went awry when Ant-Man and Wasp were confronted by both Ghost and Sonny Burch, who wanted to steal the Quantum Tunnel machine for their own reasons. Ant-Man, Wasp, and Pym eventually succeeded in rescuing Janet from the Quantum Realm, and Ant-Man was able to return home to finish his house arrest, narrowly avoiding an extended prison sentence.

However, during a trip to the Quantum Realm to gather quantum particles for Ghost, Ant-Man became trapped as Pym's entire family was turned to dust by Thanos. Ant-Man was unable to escape until 2023, where he regrouped with the Avengers and suggested that they use the Quantum Realm as a means of time travel to the past. Ant-Man then officially joined the Avengers and participated in the Time Heist, where they successfully managed to acquire the six Infinity Stones from alternate pasts and used the Stones to resurrect the victims of Thanos' Snap. However, an alternate Thanos had managed to follow the Avengers through time, and Ant-Man fought in the resulting Battle of Earth. Thanos and his army were eventually destroyed, after which Lang celebrated the victory with van Dyne and Cassie, and attended Tony Stark's funeral.

Now famous to the public, Lang returned to the Quantum Realm when he and the rest of his family were accidentally pulled through a portal created by Cassie. Separated from the rest of the group, Lang and Cassie encountered the Freedom Fighters, and accidentally led M.O.D.O.K., who revealed himself to be Cross, to their location. M.O.D.O.K captured the pair and brought them back to Axia to face Kang the Conqueror. Kang threatened to kill Cassie if Lang did not retrieve the Multiversal Power Core, so Lang was forced to comply. However, Kang was ultimately killed once the group inspired a full-on revolution by the people living under Kang's tyranny, but not without massive casualties, including Cross. Lang returned to his daily life, but started to become increasingly paranoid about a warning given to him by Kang about a coming threat that only he could stop, leading Lang to question if killing him was the right decision.

Scott Lang had earned a master's degree in electrical engineering. With his skills, he would often steal from criminals and give back to those they had stolen from.[3] Lang married a woman named Maggie sometime before 2007.[1] Maggie was very supportive of Lang, but disliked his robberies, albeit from criminals. The couple later had a daughter whom they named Cassandra "Cassie" Lang. Wishing to support his own family, Lang promised his wife that he would stop stealing after Cassie's birth and took up a job at the security company Vistacorp.[3]

Lang discovered that Vistacorp was overcharging its customers. At first, he thought it was simply a coding error and changed it. He then realized the company was intentionally doing this to their customers for financial gain when Geoff Zorick, ordered Lang to revert his many corrections before firing him. Angered by VistaCorp's larceny, Lang broke into the Vistacorp Headquarters to hack their systems and pay back the money to Vistacorp's customers. He then broke into Geoff Zorick's Mansion and stole a few items before he got carried away and drove Zorick's car into the mansion's pool.[3]

Lang was arrested and given a three-year sentence in San Quentin State Prison.[3] The Langs divorced following his incarceration, and Maggie eventually became engaged to Jim Paxton.[1] Lang was reading the divorce papers when he was introduced to Luis, his cellmate. Luis felt bad for Lang and understood the situation. The two then became best friends.[2] During his time in prison, Lang vowed to never get involved in crime again and focus his attention on helping to raise Cassie.[1]

A day before his release from San Quentin State Prison, Lang was interviewed by Christine Everhart at WHiH World News. They talked about the reason behind his heist at Vistacorp; however, Lang felt that the news station was being unfair, due to Vistacorp being their parent company.

On July 17, 2015, Lang was released for proper conduct during his stay in the San Quentin State Prison. Before being pardoned, Lang underwent a traditional goodbye ritual where he fought an inmate called Peachy. Lang allowed Peachy to hit him hard across the jaw and successfully stayed on his feet, he then retaliated by hitting his friend in the stomach, which Peachy did not react to. Lang then attempted to distract Peachy and punched him, still failing to knock him down before he and the prisoners embraced.

Having said his goodbyes, Lang was finally escorted out of prison, having been freed in the wake of robbing Vistacorp and allowed to have his freedom at last. Being taken outside by two armed guards, Lang was then picked up by Luis. The pair happily embraced before Luis questioned how Lang had gained a cut across his eye, with Lang explaining it had come from Peachy while Luis recalled gaining his own scar from his goodbye punch from Peachy and boasting that he was the only one to ever knock him out with a single punch while they both got into his van to leave.

As they drove towards San Francisco, Lang thanked his friend for coming all that way out to pick him up before asking how Luis' own relationship with his girlfriend was going, only for Luis to tell him that she had left him. Luis then informed Lang that much of his own life had gone bad, Luis' mother died and his father had gotten deported, all while Lang had been in prison, although Luis still looked on the positive side; at least he gained his parents' van, which Lang complimented was very nice, much to Luis' utter delight while they continued to make their way to the city to restart Lang's life.

On the way to The Milgrom Hotel where Lang had been offered a sofa to sleep on for at least his first few weeks of being out of prison and back in the real world, Luis informed Lang of a place they could rob, claiming that he had recruited some highly skilled people who could assist them. However, Lang flat out rejected the idea and claimed that he would not be sent back to prison due to having a daughter he had vowed to focus his efforts on. As Lang was remaining confident that he would be able to find a job, as he still had a master's degree in electronics, Luis however, warned that ex-convicts usually struggled to get employment, although Lang insisted he would be fine.

Lang obtained a job at Baskin-Robbins, going by the name of Jack; despite his degree in electronics, his criminal record would prevent him from getting a job as most potential employers would think he would revert to crime, so going by an alias was the best choice. One day, he got a dimwitted teenager as a customer, who kept asking for things that an ice cream shop did not sell. Despite all Lang's polite encouragement to realize he was in the wrong place for those orders, Dale, his manager, called for him allowing Lang to ask a fellow employee to handle the dimwit while he was gone.

Inside Dale's office, Lang learned that Baskin-Robbins had found out about his past as the well-known criminal who was responsible for robbing Geoff Zorick and returning all of their money to his former customers and being sent to San Quentin State Prison. Though a fan of his work against the corrupt Vistacorp, Dale was forced to fire Lang due to him lying on his application. Though as some consolation, Dale allowed Lang to take a free smoothie with him when he left and despite him being mortified by Dale's attitude to the situation, Lang took the free smoothie regardless and made his way back home.

Arriving at the residence, Lang explained how he had just been fired before being introduced to Kurt Goreshter and Dave, whom Luis had rounded up in hopes of helping in his planned heist if Lang agreed. Luis excitedly explained that Kurt had just gotten out of Folsom Prison and went into great detail about Lang's criminal career. He quickly realized what was happening and once again insisted that he would not be going back to stealing as he intended to support his daughter, despite Luis' insistence that the billionaire they would be targeting would be the perfect victim. Lang still refused.[1] 041b061a72


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